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History of Medicor Associates

     In 1974 a group of cardiologists and internists banded together to form Medicor Associates, Inc. They all had different specialty focuses, but felt that the focuses were very complimentary. This is what influenced the name Medicor which is a combination of shortened words: Medicine and Coronary. This diverse coverage allowed Medicor to serve a broad patient base which has continued to grow along with the corporation. 
     Medicor began operating out of a small office on Ninth Street in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania before moving into the Seventh floor of Hamot Hospital's Professional Building which at the time was still under construction. Medicor began to hire more physicians to handle a growing patient base, including some of the faces you still see today such as Dr. Furr in 1976, Dr. Ferraro in 1983, Dr. Demjanenko in 1989, and Dr. Petrella in 1990. Medicor spent the majority of its early years in the Professional Building before moving into the Hamot Heart Institute building as part of Hamot’s growing Medical Park in November of 2003.
     Medicor’s primary focus has been cardiology for many years. Eighteen of Medicor’s thirty two current physicians focus on various cardiac disciplines including electrophysiology, catheterization and other forms of intervention. Sixteen of these cardiologists operate primarily at Medicor’s headquarters in the Hamot Heart Institute building. The physicians also spend time at the Cardiac Fitness Center (CFC) at Sterling Square in Erie, PA which was acquired in January of 2000. CFC has allowed Medicor to add preventative and post-intervention rehabilitation to its patient offerings. Many of the diagnostic services including nuclear medicine and ultrasound are offered here. 
     The rest of the practicing physicians working with Medicor can be found throughout the region as internists and family physicians. Medicor Associates of Chautauqua (MAC) has several offices operating in southwestern New York including Dunkirk, Fredonia, Silver Creek, Angola, Cherry Creek, and Cassadaga. Most recently, Medicor Associates of Salamanca (MAS) opened its first office operated by Lynn Ouellette CRNP in 2010.


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