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Medicor Coumadin Clinic

Medicor Associates Coumadin Clinic

What is Coumadin?
Coumadin and its generic form Warfarin is a type of medication called an anticoagulant (‘blood thinner’).  It is used to decrease the clotting ability of the blood.  Coumadin is prescribed for patients that have just suffered a heart attack, stroke, have irregular heartbeats, or have prosthetic heart valves.  Coumadin is also used to treat and prevent swelling and blood clots in veins as well as blood clots in the lungs.

What Services does Medicor’s Coumadin Clinic Provide?
When you are prescribed Coumadin it is very important that you receive routine blood work to evaluate your blood’s clotting ability, known as an INR level.  Your INR level can be calculated by a blood work test given by any healthcare laboratory that provides blood work as a service.  A Coumadin Clinic nurse keeps track of all our patient’s INR levels as well as when they need to get blood work performed next.  A Medicor nurse sets up a standing orders (usually six months) with the laboratory of our patient’s choosing. The Coumadin Clinic nurse will then tell you when to go to that laboratory to get the blood work performed. After the blood work is performed, the laboratory sends the results directly to Medicor.  When we receive the blood work results, our Coumadin Clinic nurse will evaluate them and contact you with instructions on how to proceed with your Coumadin treatment.  These instructions can be as simple as keeping the dosage the same or slightly increasing/decreasing the dosage, or as important as instructing you to visit a hospital immediately.  

Medicor’s Coumadin Clinic also caters to patients who may have seen a Medicor cardiologist; however do not live near a Medicor facility.  We routinely work with patients and blood work laboratories in other states.  Depending on the patient’s circumstances, most are only needed to be seen in the office for yearly appointments.

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