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Device Clinic

Medicor Associates Device Clinic What is a Device Clinic?
A device clinic is a group of specialized medical professionals who monitor and perform follow up appointments for patients who have been implanted with a pacemaker, internal cardiac defibrillator (ICD), or an implantable loop recorder.  Medicor’s device clinic consists of three cardiologist electrophysiologists and three registered nurses who specialize in electrophysiology.

Why Choose Medicor’s Device Clinic?
Medicor’s cardiologists who specialize in electrophysiology have a passion for giving patients with implanted devices the most advanced, comprehensive medical service available to them.  For this reason they feel it is important for Medicor’s device clinic to be knowledgeable in and able to support all implantable device manufacturers’ products.  They have also chosen a registered nurse who is certified with the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners (IBHRE) to be a driving force for the clinic.  This certification is recognized globally as the highest benchmark of professional competency in cardiac pacing, defibrillation, and electrophysiology. 

Medicor’s device clinic doesn’t stop at just providing you with the best implantable device care available, we also want to make it convenient.  To accomplish this we have set up a traveling device clinic to see our patients closer to home in Fredonia, NY, Warren, PA, and Bradford, PA.  We also provide remote monitoring from the comfort of your home with most devices.  Remote monitoring allows us to monitor any symptoms as well perform routine checks on the device.  With remote monitoring it is usually only necessary for patients to come into the office once a year for a routine follow up.
Medicor Device Clinic


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