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General Nuclear Medicine Imaging

What is general nuclear medicine imaging
General nuclear medicine imaging is a group of tests that can be performed to view the functionality of bones and soft tissue organs in the body. Common organs that are tested using nuclear imaging are the gall bladder, kidneys, thyroid gland, and lungs.

What to expect
Upon arriving for your appointment you will be given a small dose of a radioactive tracer.  The radioactivity level is about the same as an x-ray.  The tracer will be administered by injection, swallowed in pill form or inhaled depending on which part of the body is being tested. After the tracer has had time to circulate, you will be placed under a nuclear imaging camera.  Pictures will then be taken of how and where the tracer is moving throughout your body.

Scheduling a general nuclear imaging test
If your primary care physician or cardiologist orders a nuclear imaging test for you, they will initiate the scheduling. Their office will call the appropriate Medicor office to let us know you will need an appointment. A Medicor scheduler will then call you to coordinate a day and time that fits in your schedule.

Test preparation
There are different types of general nuclear medicine imaging studies, so there are different preparation steps depending on which test you are having done. You should receive preparation instructions from the Medicor scheduler when your appointment is scheduled. If you have any questions about preparing for your test, please call the office in which you are having the test done.    


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